Photomosaics Photo Jigsaw Puzzles Portraits

Most recently I have been using photography to explore my continued interest in people. Each of my photographic works is a form of portrait.

PHOTO JIGSAW PUZZLES: These puzzles are the product of my interest in biology and the fascinating way that genetics travel from one generation to another or are shared by siblings. I have viewed the pieces like pieces of DNA and interchanged them from one person to another to see how family resemblances do or don’t align. The floral jigsaw puzzles explore the life cycle of the flowers from bud to death by combining pieces from each stage into one image or a series of images.

PHOTOMOSAICS: If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are a thousand pictures worth? These images are composed of hundreds, if not thousands of small images that relate to the larger subject, thereby revealing nuances and facets of the primary subject as no other technique can. You experience these works on two different levels. From afar you see the primary image. Up close you are brought into a world of small images, each with its own story.

PORTRAITS: These are multi-faceted portraits of individual people. Many include images of their family, home and personal history. Others reflect the different personality traits and facial expressions of the subject.

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