Artist Mary Close


When creating a new work or series I follow my emotions and the ideas that engage me. Delving into a new subject is a fun, fascinating and ultimately enlightening process. I always start with my subject and use whatever medium best communicates my thoughts and feelings. Over the years I have worked with clay, pastel, graphite, watercolor, gouache, oil and photography. My focus has been quite varied but usually involves my immediate world in some way.

People, their relationships and the many facets of their lives have been my subject for a long time. Beginning with traditional figure studies and still lifes, my focus has evolved towards depicting relationships through body language, exploring genetic traits within families using photo jigsaw puzzles and, most recently, using photography and photomosaic technology to create complex portraits. The process creates large images composed of hundreds or thousands of tiny images that flesh out details and add information about my subjects as no other technique can. A tree in a field is not just a single tree but is made up of images of animals, insects, grasses, flowers, sky, water, leaves and all the elements that sustain it and are part of its environment. A person’s portrait is made up of images of themselves, past and present, their family, friends and loved ones, their home and favorite objects. I’ve always loved the way photographs are mini time capsules, freezing and preserving fleeting moments in history. This technology allows me to combine many of those moments into a single work showing the multifaceted character of my subjects in a visually complex and beautiful way.

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